Sucker Punch bar is open again! Make a booking with the adjacent link.


Opening Times

Tuesday 6pm - 11pm
Wednesday 6pm - 11pm
Thursday 6pm - 11pm
Friday 5pm - midnight
Saturday 4pm - midnight


Have fun, stay safe

Your safety and the safety of our staff has always been our primary focus and as we are already a booking only bar, we are well prepared. To that extent, we have put in place some tweaks to our standard service, in line with the government guidelines, for you to stay safe and so you can enjoy yourself in the bar.

Key things to remember

  • Sanitise hands regularly (before you arrive or at the entrance, on each table and in the toilets)
  • Table service only - as per our usual great service
  • Go to the toilet one at a time wherever possible, and wash your hands well
  • Try to stick to the marked-out lines and your table (there's a laminated floor plan & menu on each table)
  • Most of all… have fun, relax, you are in our care now!

Additional information


We will need to retain your contact details to assist with contact tracing, your details with be held under GDPR with your consent as part of the booking process or upon entry to the bar.

Our sittings will be a maximum of 6 people, and from no more than 2 households per table, please respect the social distancing guidelines of 1+ meter. All our tables will be back facing and comply with distancing rules.

Each evening the bar will be deep cleaned, and between each table sitting, the table and chairs will be thoroughly sanitised. All drinks will be served in sterilised glasses with fresh accompaniments.

Hand sanitisers will be available at the entrance, on each table and in the toilets. Please thoroughly wash your hands after going to the toilet and sanitise your hands regularly.

Please use common sense and respect other people in the bar, we always retain the right to refuse entry or remove people from the bar. Please exit the bar and leave the area promptly.

You don’t need to try and remember all of this, our staff all fully trained, so please feel welcome to ask if you are unsure, we are here to help you relax and enjoy the experience!

Make a Booking Enquiry


All tables will be held for 15 minutes only, then released for customers walking into the bar. If you are running late, please contact us using the Whatsapp chat on this website. We will try our very best to accommodate all bookings, and provide alternatives wherever possible.

We will have a table service queuing system down the side of Suckerpunch bar on George Street (as this area is now pedestrian only), where we will serve you our wonderful cocktails and try our very best to get you a table inside when they become free, or if we have no-shows.